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Russia overtakes KSA as No. 1 Chinese oil supplier and tops investment charts

Transneft oil containersHaving overtaken Saudi Arabia as China’s top oil supplier over the course of 2016, Russia has got off to a cracking start to 2017and has more inflows of foreign portfolio money than any other global emerging market fund so far this year.
According to data released yesterday (more…)

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China corners fintech investment as Beijing ups funding towards $200bn

Eric Jing CEO Ant Financial Services Group (Alibaba)Fintech investment: As much as half of all today’s investment in financial technology ends up in China, a senior Alibaba executive told delegates at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, days before the Chinese government announced that it was to pump a further $14.6bn into an investment fund designed to provide financial assistance to technology companies as it seeks to create a digital economy. This latest intervention (more…)

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Gazprom pumps $1.8bn into Nord Stream as German exports hit new high

Nord Stream2 pipesGazprom underlined its determination to go ahead with the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline this week with the announcement that it is planning to invest $1.9bn in the project over the course of the next 12 months. (more…)

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Barking welcomes first direct Silk Road freight train from China to London

Chinese dragon greets china-london freight train 180117A crowd of politicians, journalists and local residents – some dressed up as Chinese dragons – turned up at the Barking Intermodal Terminal in east London yesterday to welcome and watch as the the first ever freight train to come direct from China to the UK arrived, carrying approximately £4m worth of socks, cloth, bags, and household goods.
Yiwu Factory making SantasPulled (more…)

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Saudis to launch $30bn renewable energy programme within weeks

Saudi Arabia is getting ready to launch a 15-year, $30-50bn renewable energy program as it prepares for the post-oil era, its Energy, Industry and Mineral Recourses Minister Khalid Al-Falih announced this week. Speaking at the the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, the Minister said that the first round of bidding for a series of projects able to produce up to 10GW of power would begin within weeks.
The announcement (more…)

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IMF upgrades China forecast – but downgrades India for demonitisation

Chinese metal workersChina’s economy will grow by 6.5% over the course of 2017, the IMF predicted yesterday, 0.3% more than previously forecast, on the expectation that the authorities in Beijing will continue to implement measures aimed at stimulating growth; but it nevertheless warned (more…)

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Iran Air takes delivery of first Airbus jet in ‘bright day’ for aviation sector

IranAir Chairman Farhad Parvaresh with Airbus A321 Toulouse 110117Senior executives from Iran Air and Airbus converged on Toulouse last Wednesday to witness the official handover of the first of 180 aircraft manufactured by either the French airline giant or its US competitor Boeing that are destined for Iran since the lifting of sanctions early last year, on what (more…)

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World Bank urges Russia to diversify

World BankRussia needs to improve its investment climate, diversify its oil-dependent economy and boost productivity growth if it wants to catch up with the global economy, the World Bank urged Moscow this week, at the same time as forecasting that (more…)

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India looks for $13bn to fund Sagar Mala port upgrade programme

Vibrant GujaratHaving committed itself to spending $180bn to modernise the country’s ports and surrounding infrastructure by way of its Sagar Mala port expansion initiative, the Indian authorities have been wooing visitors at this week’s biennial three-day Vibrant Gujarat investment summit with a series of presentations aimed at raising $13bn to fund (more…)

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Trump victory gifts Russian oligarchs $29bn as energy share prices soar

Gennady TimchenkoRussian oligarchs: Rising share prices and a resurgence in the value of the rouble brought on partly by the prospect of a Trump administration have added approximately $29bn to the fortunes of some of Russia’s richest men, making President Putin’s inner circle among the chief beneficiaries of last November’s presidential election, according to figures compiled and released by Forbes this week.
Among the biggest winners (more…)

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