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China tops patent application list again but still waits for breakthrough

Chinese ScientistsFor the fifth year in a row, China has topped the world’s patent application list but failed to make any major breakthroughs, a Chinese official said today.
More than 60% (more…)

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Russian billionaire Yuri Milner pumps $100bn into Breakthrough Starshot

Yuri Milner and Stephen Hawking at Break Starshot press conference 12-04-16Breakthrough Starshot: Russian billionaire internet investor Yury Milner has joined forces with the world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking and Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg to launch a revolutionary $100m project to construct a robot research spacecraft capable of covering a distance of 4.37 light years – the distance between Earth and our closest star system (more…)

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China second only to Silicon Valley in ‘unicorn’ stakes

Xiaomi Mi 4S smartphoneAfter Silicon Valley, Beijing boasts the world’s second-largest number of ‘unicorn’ companies – high tech start-ups valued at over $1bn according to the Great Wall Enterprise Institute’s Unicorn List that was released earlier this week. Top of the list is Smartphone maker Xiaomi, (more…)

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Russia and China to set up Tomsk Innovation Centre


Tomsk Innovation Centre: Russia and China have agreed to establish a centre of innovative cooperation in the Siberian region of Tomsk, the Russian Ministry of Economic Development announced in a statement released on Monday. “With the support of the Russian Trade Mission in China, a four-way agreement was signed between the Corporation of Development of the Tomsk Region, the Innovative Pharmacological Research (IPHAR), the China International Technology Transfer Center and the Huafu Medical Technology Group,” it read. The initiative was worked out at an international congress held in Jiangsu earlier this month.
HarbinChina has also announced that it is to set up a special economic zone dedicated to developing business ties with Russia in Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang province on the Russian border.

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Chinese get modest foothold in Boston Consulting Group innovation survey

Tencent logoThree Chinese companies appear in the Boston Consulting Group’s 10th annual global survey of the 50 most innovative companies in the world that was published yesterday.
Chinese online media company Tencent is twelfth , with Huawei and Lenovo at 45 and 50 respectively in survey topped by Apple, Google, and Tesla Motors.
Although that is three more than there were ten years ago, analysts are surprised there is not a greater Chinese presence. “The rate of innovation of Chinese companies is increasing, and the perception of their innovation is increasing,” the report’s co-author Andrew Taylor said, “but with a lag.” The list includes 29 companies from the United States, 11 from Europe, and 10 from Asia. 

3Tesla Motors
4Microsoft Corp.
5Samsung Group
8Gilead Sciences
15Fast Retailing
18The Walt Disney Company
19Marriott International
20Johnson & Johnson
26Tata Motors
27General Electric
31Cisco Systems
32Dow Chemical Company
34Fidelity Investments
43JPMorgan Chase
47BT Group
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Internet of Things set to turn China’s ICT sector into $6trn industry

IT factory ChinaThe Internet of Things – the network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables them to collect and exchange data – will help turn China’s ICT sector into a $6 trillion industry by 2025 and a major driver of the country’s economy, the US-based market research company IDC predicted this week. With annual growth (more…)

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Huawei to invest in UK graphene research project for ICT sector

grapheneGraphene: Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei is expected to use President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK this week to announce that it is to invest several millions of pounds into (more…)

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Next five years vital to success of Made in China 2025 – E&Y

Made in China 2025Chinese companies must carry on upgrading their operations over the next five years and establish more partnerships with foreign companies if they are to retain their competitive edge and meet the objectives of its new  Made in China 2025 drive, Ernst & Young’s Managing Partner for Greater China Andy Cheung said last week.
“The country has (more…)

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Designs for hybrid ‘Red Zeppelin’ Atlant airship

AtlantBy 2018, a new but strangely familiar sight could start floating across the skies above the wastes of Siberia and Russia’s Far East – the 130-metre long Atlant airship,  a hybrid descendant of the old Zeppelin that came to prominence before and during the First World War.
Unveiled earlier this week, the new “Red Zeppelin” (more…)

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Finns to fund €200m Skolkovo Bio City

Turku Science Park

Turku Science Park

Skolkovo Bio City: Russia’s Skolkovo Foundation has signed an agreement with Finland’s Turku Science Park to build a €200m biotechnology industrial park, research and start-up centre at its Innovation Centre outside Moscow.
The new 30,000m² BioCity (more…)
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Tests of Kamaz unmanned Autorobot vehicle begin

KamAZTests of the unmanned Autorobot vehicle being developed by Kamaz in conjunction with Cognitive Technologies and the VIST Group are under way on a private landfill site near Moscow, the Russian truck manufacturer’s press office confirmed this week. Three levels of automation (more…)

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Ten-year plan calls for Chinese productivity to equal Germany’s by 2015

China factoryChinese productivity: China’s State Council has published a ten-year plan to modernise the country’s manufacturing facilities to the point that productivity levels in its manufacturing sector will equal those amongst its Germany competitors. The Made in China 2025 (more…)

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RVC teams up with Finematika to launch space technology investment fund

RVC's Andrey Vvedenskiy

RVC’s Andrey Vvedenskiy

Two venture capital firms have teamed to invest $60m Russia’s largest space technology investment fund, it was revealed this week. The fund, owned jointly by the state-owned Russian Venture Company (RVC) and the independent investment company Finematika, will focus on start-ups specialising in components and materials for use in spacecraft production. “The fund is directed at (more…)

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Cellulose ‘harder than steel’ developed by researchers in Perm


Cellulose ‘harder than steel’: Researchers at the Perm State National Research University (PSNRU) in the West Urals have come up with a new kind of cellulose that is harder than steel and which could be used in the manufacture of super-light and ultra-strong mechanical parts, bulletproof (more…)

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Skolkovo Innovation Centre to house Russian-Chinese business incubator JV

Skolkovo Foundation Building MoscowThe Skolkovo Innovation Centre on the outskirts of Moscow is set to house a joint Russian-Chinese business incubator, robotics centre and venture fund following a deal struck between the Skolkovo Foundation and China’s Cybernaut Investment Group in Beijing today. (more…)

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Samruk-Kazyna looks to open in Silicon Valley

Silicon ValleySamruk-Kazyna looks to open in Silicon Valley: Kazakhstan’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Samruk-Kazyna is considering setting up a subsidiary company – provisionally called Samruk Innovation – in California’s Silicon Valley. The idea (more…)

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BRICS biomed consortium proposed by Siberian scientists

Deputy Director for Innovation and Strategic Development Research Institute for Cardiology, Tomsk, Russia

Deputy Director for Innovation and Strategic Development Research Institute for Cardiology, Tomsk,


BRICS biomed consortium: Scientists at the Tomsk Research Institute of Cardiology in Siberia have put forward a proposal calling for the establishment of a ‘BRICS-Biomed’ consortium that would pull together all biomedical research projects going on in BRICS member states. Similar to a comparable arrangement that was recently instigated to co-ordinate biotech research (more…)

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Skolkovo Foundation planning permanent office in Vladivostok

Skolkovo Russian Start-up roadshow 2015The Skolkovo Foundation, the organisation behind Moscow’s high-tech business incubator and research-based Skolkovo Innovation Centre, is planning to open a representative office in the Pacific port city of Vladivostok, (more…)

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High-tech orthotics start-up secures backing from New York VC firm

ZdravprintHigh-tech orthotics start-up: Zdravprint, the Moscow-based start-up that is using 3D printing technology to produce customised splints for the healthcare sector, has secured over $4m investment capital from the New York based VC firm Maxwell Capital. Its technology allows doctors to create specifically programmed splints for patients, based on the size of the damaged limb. The measurements of the limb can be entered into a phone app, with the splint then delivered straight to the hospital. Zdravprint believes that the market in Russia alone could be worth more than $100m.

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Sports Innovation Centre planned for Moscow

Skolkovo Technology Park

Skolkovo Technology Park

Sports Innovation Centre planned for Moscow: Skolkovo Technology Park and the Russian Olympic Committee are joining forces to develop a new Sports Innovation Centre in the Russian capital. The centre’s mission will be to promote R&D in sporting and biomedical technology and sporting rehabilitation technology, and to explore (more…)

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