101 Kazakh mineral deposits to be put up for auction

Gold mining in KazakhstanKazakh mineral deposits: The Kazakh government is to hold an auction over 100 mineral deposits in June, its Deputy Minister for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Albert Rau said today. The auction will include:
– 44 deposits of precious metals, gold, copper (base metals, silver, arsenic)
– 23 deposits of copper and base metals, lead, zinc, copper (base metals, molybdenum)
– two deposits of titanium and zirconium ore
– nine deposits of manganese and iron ore
Рsix deposits of non-metallic minerals (quartzite etc)
– ten deposits of rare earth elements, tin, lithium (tungsten, tantalum, beryllium)
– one diamond deposit
– four bauxite deposits
– one graphite deposit
– one deposit of porphyry copper ores