Chinese electric car maker BYD to invest $2bn in Indian battery plant


BYD Electric CarChinese electric auto maker BYD is considering investing more than $2bn in a battery production plant in India in partnership with BK Modi’s Smart group.
Modi has already set up a facility in Uttar Pradesh for the assembly of electric buses, while BYD is one of the world’s biggest supplier of electric vehicles with operations in 43 countries and 190 cities and already partners with Germany’s Daimler in the production of luxury electric cars.
electric bus indiaIts electric bus manufacturing facility in southern California supplies electric buses to Los Angeles county and the two companies have already provided two electric buses to the Delhi government for free trial. “We are in talks to provide all kinds of electric vehicles, beginning with mass-transport solutions such as buses,” Modi said.India has a huge potential and we feel that this is the right time to consider the launch of electric vehicles,” Liu Xue Liang, MD of BYD Auto’s Asia-Pacific region, said. 

Source: indiatimes