Investment Guides

The globalisation of financial markets and the erosion of national trade and tariff barriers have triggered a boom in both the supply and demand for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); but it has also made it an increasingly valuable commodity. Published in Fortune and National Geographic, these investment guides offer businesses and government agencies from emerging economies the opportunity to make their case to investors across the world. Here is a selection of the countries and regions covered over the past five years.


A combination of entrepreneurship, an immensely strong work ethic and well-judged support from the government in Taipei has seen Taiwan emerge as one of the powerhouses of the global economy.


  • Chang Hwa Bank
  • Chin Poon
  • Chroma ATE
  • CTCI
  • Everlight Chemical
  • FarEasTone
  • First Commercial Bank
  • FSP Group
  • Grape King Bio
  • Hiwin Technologies
  • Huaku
  • Radio-Opto-Electronics Corporation
  • Test Rite Group


Five decades of rapid growth have transformed Thailand’s social and economic landscape, turning the capital Bangkok into the second-largest conurbation in Bangkok and home to some of the region’s most dynamic enterprises.


  • Bangchak Petroleum
  • Bangkok Insurance
  • Better Way
  • Eastern Polymer Group
  • Future Park
  • MQDC
  • Thai Airways
  • Thai Oil
  • Thai Vegetable Oil