Japan and India look to team up to develop Chabahar as logistics hub

ChabaharJapan and India are planning to team up to help develop Iran’s southeastern Chabahar port as a regional logistics port, according to Iran’s PressTV news agency. Tokyo is keen to build stronger ties with Tehran, the agency claims, with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hoping to reach a deal on the plan during visit to Tehran that is scheduled for later in the year.
The Japanese government hopes to start drawing up specific plans to turn Chabahar into a trading centre for resource-rich Central Asian countries such as Turkmenistan and to develop it into a logistics pivot between Iran and Afghanistan.
Located in the Gulf of Oman, Chabahar is the country’s closest access to the Indian Ocean and also lies across the border from Gwadar, the remote Pakistani port that has been earmarked by Beijing as the crossroads of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor where the roads and railways of the New Silk Road meet the shipping channels of the Maritime Silk Route Economic Belt.