$1.73bn investment powers Chinese export surge for Kazakh agribusiness

Kazakh agribusinessCompanies in the Kazakh agribusiness sector are gearing up to increase exports of lamb, beef and honey to China, the Vice Minister of Agriculture of the Republic Gulmira Isayeva said this week. “China [either] implemented or is beginning to implement …..19 projects in the agricultural sector with a total investment of $1.735bn,” she said. “We are in negotiations with China over arrangements for its requirements for phytosanitary and veterinary inspections and we are currently preparing for the arrival of Chinese experts to inspect and certify our businesses.”
Among the Chinese companies heading the investment drive are Rifa Holding Group which has agreed to invest $20m in the construction of a slaughterhouse in East Kazakhstan; AIJIU’s $58m investment in an oilseed and grain processing plant; and COFCO’s planned $80m investment in a cluster of tomato greenhouses and a tomato paste production plant.

Source: Kapital