Nord Stream 2 must be stopped, says Polish President Duda

President Duda of Poland

Poland’s President Duda

Nord Stream 2 – the proposed second pipeline running directly from Russia to Germany along the bed of the Baltic Sea – represents “a threat to the security of Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and other European countries,” Poland’s President Duda said this week. “We will do everything to stop [it].” 
Nord Stream 2 is set to be developed by the Gazprom-controlled New European Pipeline consortium which was officially established last month and whose other members are E.On, BASF, OMV, Royal Dutch Shell and ENGIE. Its two lines will have a combined capacity of 55bn m³ and will allow Gazprom to cut Ukraine entirely out of the European gas supply chain. Along with recently scaled down plans to build a TurkStream equivalent under the Black Sea to Turkey, Nord Stream 2 was conceived after the EU pressurised Bulgaria into scuppering plans for a SouthStream pipeline through the Balkans.
Nord Stream 2 has been already sharply criticised by the authorities in Kiev and Bratislava.

Source: Gazeta