Oman’s Salalah in link-up with key Iranian ports

SalalahThe southern Omani port of Salalah has signed a basic agreement with two key Iranian trade terminals in a move that could make the Arabian peninsula country Iran’s biggest trade partner in the region. Under the terms of the agreement, Salalah will provide the ports of Shahid Rajee (near Bandar Abbas on the Strait of Hormuz) and Chabhar (on the Gulf of Oman) with advice on infrastructure development, modernization and the training of their workforces.
“This agreement provides an opportunity for the three ports to complement and significantly enhance each other’s value proposition by providing the industries in their hinterlands gateways for wider markets by leveraging the location of their partner ports,” said the Port of Salalah’s CEO David Gledhill,
“We also envisage the landlocked countries adjacent to Iran using the existing multilateral agreements for transport corridors to access new markets.”
Chabahar portChabahar Port is currently being promoted as a gateway for access to Afghanistan and landlocked Kazakhstan and Armenia. Shahid Rajaee port is located 23km west of Bandar Abbas, the capital city of southern Iranian province of Hormozgan. It is the biggest and most modern container port in Iran.