Russia and China discuss long-haul passenger aircraft JV

MS 21 medium distance aircraft being developed at Irkutsk

MS-21 medium distance aircraft

Russia and Chine are considering joining forces to develop a wide-bodied, long-haul passenger aircraft to compete with Boeing and Airbus after a visit by Chinese Vice President to the Irkutsk aircraft factory in Siberia earlier this week. “We visited the Irkutsk aircraft factory and saw the finish line of the Russian MS-21 aircraft” said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin who accompanied Yang. “Based on these technologies, the Russian side is ready to enter into a joint project to create a passenger aircraft with China.”
The medium-distance MS-21 was developed as a replacement for the Soviet-era Tu-154 and Tu-134 planes and will be available in 150-, 180- and 212-seat versions, but could also be modified to create a larger version suitable for long-haul flights.