Russia ready to sell Almaz-2500 anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran

Antey 2500 SAM anti-aircraft systemRussia could be ready to sell its Almaz-2500 anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran after it emerged that Tehran was prepared to withdraw a lawsuit against Moscow over the cancellation of a previous weapons delivery, it was being reported this week.
The development is the latest demonstration of the deterioration in the relations between Russia and the West; Iran agreed the purchase of five S-300 air defence systems back in 2007, but the then President Dmitry Medvedev froze the delivery in 2010 as a sign of good will toward the West amid negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program.
With EU and US sanctions now being extended for a further six months, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reversed Medvedev’s ban on selling the weapons to Tehran, on the condition that the two countries can resolve the $4bn lawsuit that Iran filed against the Russian state arms export agency Rosobornexport for violating the 2007 contract.
The S-300 units are now out of production and Russia is proposing to replace them with the more advanced Almaz-2500 systems instead.